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UK creative industries are behind some of the best-selling and highest grossing products and franchises in the world, but this success unfortunately does not equate with public awareness that there are UK companies behind them.

We’re inviting UK creative industries to display the Made in Creative UK logo in their products and on their websites to play their part in recognising the economic and cultural contribution of these industries to the global market.

Endorsed by

  • Escape are all about supporting the media and entertainment industry and are delighted to be partnering with a fantastic community led initiative like Made In Creative UK. With technology playing such an important role in what digital artists do, and with technology advancing all the time - Escape Technology aim to work closely with and support studios as they evolve their workflow and enhance the potential of their output.
    Neil Palmer - Escape Technology
  • The UK produces some of the most popular games that are played by millions of people worldwide – and the growth in this sector has led AQA to create a new vocational Tech-level qualification in Video Games Art and Design. But few people realise that so many cutting edge companies are actually based in this country. This is why we are proud to support ‘Made in Creative UK’ in their determination to champion and celebrate this achievement. Working together we believe that we can inspire future generations of learners, exploring innovative ways to help them achieve the skills they need to keep the UK at the forefront of cutting edge game development.
    Andrew Hall - AQA’s Chief Executive
  • As champions of the UK games industry we are passionate to see developers thrive in such a highly competitive global market.  We support Made in Creative UK aims in promoting to the public the origin of games made in Britain and believe it will help inspire the next generation to learn the required skills to join and help grow our games industry.
    James Batchelor - Develop
  • The UK’s creative industries are one of our biggest success stories and I want to see them enjoying the recognition they deserve. Campaigns like ‘Made in Creative UK’ are instrumental in raising awareness of the talent already out there,  can inspire students and ensure the continued success of the sector, and help cement the  UK’s position as a world leader in the production of video games and other digital creative media.
    Culture Secretary - Sajid Javid
  • At BAFTA we’re absolutely committed to helping raise awareness of the thriving UK games industry. With our annual British Academy Games Awards, we celebrate the very best games and reward the outstanding talent behind them, inspiring others to achieve the highest of standards. BAFTA’s work in games is all about providing that inspiration, along with the knowledge to help future generations choose a career in the industry whilst helping others make the next step up in their careers, and so we’re proud to support Made In Creative UK - it’s a brilliant initiative that encourages awareness of the UK industry and gives it the recognition it deserves.
    Kelly Smith - BAFTA
  • Microsoft is proud to be associated with this initiative that seeks to recognise the talent that exists within the UK video games industry but also the wider app development industry. In supporting this initiative, along with all the other supporting partners, we should look to collectively inspire the next generation of game and app developers and the next generation after that. Microsoft is looking to actively support the initiative by introducing the ability for Windows and Windows Phone app developers to utilise the Made In Creative UK logo on their app tiles and are also introducing Collections on the app stores that help highlight and celebrate the best of the Made in Creative UK apps.
    Andrew Webber - UK Marketing Lead for Indie Game Developers @ Microsoft
  • Worms, Broken Sword, Grand Theft Auto and Oddworld are just some of the world-class games developed in Yorkshire and the north of England. The UK has a heritage of incredibly creative games development talent, and it's absolutely vital that we get the message across that our country remains at the forefront of this amazing and vibrant industry. Game Republic is proud to support the Made in Creative UK initiative to raise awareness of our brilliant game-makers.
    Jamie Sefton - Managing Director, Game Republic
  • We should be proud of the games companies we have here in the UK, but so many people don’t realise that we are home to many world beating companies and that many of their favourite games are produced locally, in places like Warwick and Leamington. By creating a new logo to champion the UK video games sector, The Olivers are taking the lead which I hope companies will follow. People across the country love playing games and I hope that this will inspire them to design the next generation of global video games.
    Chris White - MP Leamington & Warwick
  • I salute Made in Creative UK as we need to encourage many more people to become part of the vibrant technical sector – whether this is as a creative, an engineer or an entrepreneur. We have so much to gain as a country if we build on our strong digital foundations.
    Baroness Martha Lane-Fox - Chair of Go ON UK
  • With just 1 in 7 small businesses selling products and services online, and 4.5 million people in the workforce with no or low digital skills, it is critical that we create a generation of young people with the right skills for the jobs of the future. Made in Creative UK is a brilliant initiative to inspire young people to become our future digital workforce and entrepreneurs.
    Martin Harvey - Digital Skills Academy
  • The UK develops some of the best games in the world and are played by millions of people. But sadly, so few people - even in the UK - know that some of their favourite games are made here in the UK. This must change if the true economic and cultural contribution of the UK's games sector is to get the recognition it is due.
    Hasan Bakhshi - Director of Creative Industries, NESTA
  • Anything that highlights the fantastic industry we have in this country, and points out to players - especially younger ones - that their favourite games are often made in the UK is a good thing. We need more people to aspire to make the games of the future, and we need to make sure we shout loud and proud about our industry which is redefining entertainment now. Every initiative like this helps to shine a spotlight on our incredible land of talent.
    Jo Twist - CEO UKie
  • UK developed games are some of the best in the world and the industry is a shining example of how the UK can achieve leadership in the global digital economy. Unfortunately not many people realise how many of their favourite games are made in the UK and Digital Business Britain is fully behind the adoption of the 'Made in Creative Britain' logo that British games developers can use to spread the word and inspire the next generation of game developers.
    Penny Power - Chair, Digital Business Britain
  • Some of the world's favourite games are developed in the UK, created by professionals with world-class skills. For the UK to remain at the forefront of games development we need to ramp up investment in skills, bringing in bright new talent and continuing to train industry professionals. The recently extended Skills Investment Fund will give industry employers the chance to do just that, with the treasury matching their investment pound for pound. We are delighted to have Blitz Games on our Games Council, which steers our work with the industry to ensure money is channelled to the areas of greatest need, and support this initiative to promote the UK games industry and inspire the next generation of developers.
    Kate O'Connor - Deputy CEO, Creative Skillset
  • If people don't appreciate the existence of a successful UK games industry, and the games created by it, how can we inspire the next generation of developers? Highlighting the wonderful games made in UK with this logo is a fantastic step in raising that awareness.
    Eben Upton - Founder of Raspberry Pi Foundation
  • I think this is a great idea. There is incredible talent in the UK’s world-leading creative sector, creating content that is enjoyed and admired around the world. I would encourage UK game developers to proudly incorporate the ‘Made in Creative UK’ logo as a symbol of this unique creativity.
    Ian Livingston - Life President Eidos
  • Autodesk is incredibly proud to continue its ongoing support for growing new talent in the UK. With the recent growth of diverse startups, combined with its rich video games heritage, the UK has ensured it remains at the forefront of video games development. Autodesk enthusiastically supports these fresh studios with flexible rental options, diverse middleware offerings, and new products, such as ‘MayaLT.' With all of us promoting the ‘Made In Creative UK’ logo, we can collectively raise awareness to a global audience.
  • The UK's is a world leader when it comes to creating digital content across the entire media spectrum and it's wonderful to see the industry exploring ways in which Britain's contributions to the worldwide market can be both championed and celebrated.
    Ed Vaizey - MP, Culture Minister
  • Scotland has produced a great wealth of creative talent across the years from all walks of the arts, screen and creative industries - as well as being home to gaming innovation across Scotland, it has developed a gaming centre of international reknown in Dundee.
    Caroline Parkinson - Director of Creative Development, Creative Scotland
  • Today's digital technology has transformed the entertainment we see on our screens and has enabled incredibly creative, exciting and spellbinding new experiences. What people may not know is that many of their favourite films and games are made right here in the UK, by our own home-grown talent. A logo that celebrates the skills of our creative industries will not just support our existing talent base, but will help inspire the next generation.
    Karen Price OBE - Chief Executive, e-skills UK
  • Film productions currently note when they have benefited from UK National Lottery money. I hope that in the future UK games businesses will publicly note when they have benefited from Games Tax Relief. In this way UK developers will be highlighting the cultural and creative value of UK video games and the importance of Games Tax Relief.
    Dr Richard Wilson - TIGA CEO
  • I support this idea and think it's highly inspiring and very important that we are encouraging economic growth with future generations. By showcasing talent within the UK and the provisions that are available to make great ideas come to life, what better way to promote and be proud of the UK's involvement with this campaign than to show our support and encourage others to also use the 'Made in Creative UK' logo.
    Vic Rodgers - Next Gen Skills Academy
  • The UK creative industries produce content that is internationally renowned and respected. Whilst success in some sectors is widely recognised, many people still don't realise how much world-leading games development and VFX work is created right here on their doorstep. This endeavour allows us to come together under one logo celebrating the outstanding talent that exists in the UK today. Double Negative are delighted to be a part of Made in Creative UK.
    Alex Hope - Double Negative