Made in Creative UK is a campaign whose aim to increase awareness of video game and digital media development in the United Kingdom.

Participating companies can be identified with a Made in Creative UK logo in their games, creative works and on their websites.

High visibility of this logo will…

  • Inspire British students to learn important skills for the digital economy in the UK
  • Raise the profile of the UK Games and Digital Media Industry across the world to increase exports
  • Raise the profile of an important 21st century industry with the general public


“I attended the launch presentation of The Livingstone Hope report (also known as the Next Gen. report) commissioned by the government in February 2011.One observation made in the report was that so few of the public in the UK (or anywhere else in the world) know that the UK is responsible for many high profile video games. This means that students in the UK are less inspired to learn the skills required for careers in the games industry. Sadly IT (Information Technology) is seen by the brightest students as the worse subject on the curriculum.

I spoke to Ian Livingstone and Ed Vaizey about this at the reception afterwards and proposed that the government issue a ‘Made in UK’ logo that developers could include in their games. I hoped predicted that developers would be keen to display this on the games and websites for the greater good of the UK games industry. They both said that would support such a campaign.

When I failed to find a suitable independent organisation that would administer the campaign I took it upon myself to launch the campaign, designing a logo, creating the website with its developer links and map and by contacting many industry friends to join in and support and endorse the campaign.”

Philip Oliver
Campaign maintained free and voluntarily by Philip & Andrew Oliver  (Aka The Oliver Twins)


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