You are encouraged to use the logo but never obligated to use it.
You will never incur costs for its use.

Placement is entirely at your discretion.

The logos below are provided for the use of Made in Creative UK supporters in their creative works and on their websites.
In order to qualify for use of the logo, 50% or more of the creative labour of your project needs to have been produced in the UK.

If you are a UK based studio please include a logo on your website which links to

To join the campaign, or update your details, and have your company logo added to the supporters page please complete this short questionnaire:

If you know of other UK studios that aren’t on the site. Then you can ask them to join, but remember joining is voluntary.

We reserve the right to withdraw your right to use this free logo if it used to bring the campaign into disrepute.

To those members that have signed up to become Part of Made in Creative UK.

Whilst we have made every effort to respect and protect the data you have provided to us to help promote the aims of the Made in Creative UK campaign, if you have concerns about the data we are holding about you or your company or wish to be removed, please contact